Terms & Conditions

That Finishing Touch – Terms and Conditions – please read carefully.

That Finishing Touch (Us)

The Client (You)

Hire of Items

When you place an order via any form of communication and pay the appropriate booking fee it means you have read, understood, and agree, to these terms and conditions.

Please read this, and all our written communications carefully.  Upon paying the booking fee this means you are entering into this agreement with us you are bound by the terms within it.  It is known as the ‘contract’ between That Finishing Touch (Us) and The Client (You).  No alterations or substitution to these terms and conditions shall be valid unless agreed in writing by That Finishing Touch.

Reference to ‘goods’, ‘items’, ‘orders’, includes vases, candelabras, bouquets, chair covers, sashes/hoods, and any other item hired under this contract agreement.

The hire period relates to the period from delivery of hired items, to us collecting the hired items.  This period can vary depending on what has been agreed between us and you.  Occasionally, items may be required for re-hire the day after your event, so we reserve the right that on some occasions we may need to collect the items after midnight following your event. 

Also, we reserve the right to replace an item with a substitute item of alternative design should the original booked item be broken, or stolen, etc., following a previous event, and there is no time to obtain suitable identical goods to those ordered by you.

All items remain the property of That Finishing Touch.


We will issue you an invoice detailing items ordered, quantity of items and may give information on other items available for hire.  The invoice will include the cost of the hired items, the booking fee required, and when the balance is due.  It will supply details for the business account ‘That Finishing Touch’ to which to pay any monies due.  A booking is confirmed only when the relevant non-refundable booking fee is paid by you and received by us, until then we are free to accept other enquiries/bookings for the date.

We ask you check any invoice carefully, and let us know of any amendments or alterations you wish to make immediately.  The information contained in the invoice is the information we will use to supply all items/services on the date/time stated and to the venue/premises stated.  Therefore, if you do not check the invoice and inform us of any amendments, we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions at a later date.  Should you request amendments to be made we will send an updated invoice with the relevant changes.

Depending on the cost of the booking, we may ask for an interim payment between paying booking fee and when the balance is due.

Full payment of the balance is due approx. 4/6 weeks prior to the event.  Please check the invoice you receive from us which will give the balance ‘due’ date.  It is up to you to check this date and ensure payment is made by the ‘due’ date.  Please note if payment is not received by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel and not provide the service.  If you are experiencing problems in paying the balance on time, please contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss.  If a balance is not paid by the due date, you have not made contact with us to explain the reason, or we are unable to contact you by reasonable methods (normally email and telephone number you originally supplied at time of booking), we will assume the booking has been cancelled and invoice you accordingly for 50% of the total invoice.

Note: It is important you remember to keep us updated of any changes to contact information.



Should the client need to postpone the event or wedding (for any reason) we will do our best to accommodate the new date/venue, but may not be able to because of other commitments.  This will be regarded as the client has cancelled the booking, and any booking fee is non-refundable (see ‘Cancellation’ below).    


Postponement due to Pandemic e.g. Coronavirus

If you are unable to go ahead with your booking because the Government has put restrictions in place and your venue has to cancel the event, we will endeavour to accommodate your booking to a postponed date.  The booking fee will be transferred to the new date. If we cannot accommodate the new date we will refund the booking fee minus any costs incurred e.g. for admin cost, or for items already purchased especially for your event.  We will require written confirmation from the venue that the event has been cancelled in order to refund any fee.

If the Pandemic regulations state the event can proceed with limited guests and you decide to proceed but do not require any of our items, the booking fee is non-refundable as the event has still taken place.  However, we may be able to provide some items for the smaller event so let us know.



If you need to cancel the booking for any reason, please notify us immediately (preferably by email), so we can release the date for other bookings.

PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to cancel the booking for whatever reason, booking fees are non-refundable. 

Should you cancel less than eight weeks before the event we will charge a fee of 50% the total cost of the items hired.  This is to cover costs which we may have incurred in the purchase of items for the event, and because we may have refused bookings for the same date.


Security Deposit

We always charge a security deposit which is paid with the final balance.  The amount is based on the type and cost of hired items.  This security deposit is repaid via bank transfer once all hired items are returned/collected by us complete and undamaged.  Should there be any items missing or damaged so badly that they cannot be used again, the cost of purchasing these missing/damaged items, postage, time and effort to research a replacement will be taken from the security deposit before refund. 

Travelling Expenses

Reasonable travelling fees are charged in addition to the cost of the hired items. Please note any charge is for 4 journeys – 2 journeys to deliver and 2 for collections.  For example, a venue 15 miles away would incur a 30 mile round trip to deliver and a 30 mile round trip to collect. 

Should there not be a car park at the venue we may need to pay for parking, this extra cost will be added to your invoice.

Customer Service

We aim to provide excellent customer service and want you to enjoy your special day.  We always endeavour to reply to messages as soon as possible, however sometimes if we are working on an event at the time the message is received, our priority is the event we are decorating on that day – as your day will be a priority on the date.  Therefore, we will answer messages as soon as is convenient.



If the venue has limited access, no car park facilities, etc., please inform us at the earliest convenience.  If there are limited hours during which we can gain access for delivery, set up and collection of items, it is the clients’ duty to liaise with the venue and to let us know so alternative arrangements can be made.  We cannot be held responsible for items not being set up due to restricted access and/or not being allowed enough time by the venue.



After your event we may use photographs of our hired items when set up at the venue to promote our services.  We will not do this until after the event/wedding has taken place.  If you do not want us to use any photographs please inform us in writing prior to the event.


That finishing Touch is not liable should an injury occur during the hire of any of our items.  Once the items have been delivered and set up at the venue(s) the items become the responsibility of the client.  They should ensure any hired items are not tampered with or moved as previously arranged.

The payment of a booking fee is deemed as acceptance of the above terms and conditions.